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My name is Mikael Nilsson. I was born on November 27th 1958. I live in south of Sweden with my wife and two daughters. I am professional software developer working with a broad range of languages, ranging from assembler to C# and Java via C and C++. I’m mostly a ‘Microsoft man’ but I have also been working with J2EE on JBoss application server.

I have been doing database design for SQL server and mySQL in several projects. My first programming experience was made on the Intel 8085 8 bit CPU programming in assembler and PL/M. At that time I specialized on communication protocol but now days I’m more interested in enterprise solutions in C#/ASP.NET and Java.


My ideal workplace is where I can learn something new almost every day and widen my experience in different areas. With a good software team consitiong of the right programmers you can go anywhere; with bad programmers you go nowhere! When programming is a profession and a hobby, then the challenge and inspiration is everything.


English, Swedish


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I prefers to work in an agile way based on SCRUM with continues integration and short delivery cycles. Test Driven and Domain Driven Design (TDD, DDD) give the best performance together with C#/ASP.NET and Java/JBoss. Usually there will be a SQL database somewhere, accessed by some ORM framework like ActiveObject/Hibernate.

I have also some knowledge in midlet programming on Sony Ericsson mobile phones.


Email: mikael (dot) j (dot) nilsson (at) telia (dot) com